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You Are About To Discover Simply Explained Monetary Science And Basic Economic Laws That Will Provide A General Roadmap To Make Better Decisions To Protect, Preserve And Grow Your Capital



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Great Credit Contraction


As a certified Gold Standard Seeking Alpha Contributor syndicated through Yahoo! Finance and MarketWatch and as a speaker to tens of thousands of people at investment conferences throughout the world, Trace Mayer, J.D. is one of the top monetary scientists today.

In just a moment, you will discover how the Monetary Scientist can help any new or experienced investor understand principles of monetary science and fundamental economic laws to protect, preserve and grow their capital...

Dear Fellow Holder of Capital,

I want you to imagine this scene. For years you have been taught the sun revolves around the earth.  Your boss believes it, your preacher believes it and your elected politicians believe it.  This idea has been a foundational pillar for at least three generations and society has been ordered around it.

One day while the sun is still rising and there's just a few puffy white clouds in the sky you hear the assertion that the earth revolves around the sun. A logical and rational argument is made to explain the movements of the celestial objects.  It seems persuasive but your boss, preacher and elected politicians argue against it.  As time passes they are proven wrong.  Many of their decisions based on that fundamentally flawed premise become worthless.  The consequences cannot be averted because physical law is at work.

At all times and in all circumstances gold remains money and as a tangible asset cannot become worthless.  Fiat currencies such as the U.S. Dollar, British Pound, Euro, etc. are merely illusions and can become worthless.  These are two undeniable premises. Therefore, in the financial solar system the fiat currencies revolve around gold.  The current financial crisis, a credit contraction of epic proportions and the largest in the history of the world, is a predictable consequence of economic law.  The system does not collapse but evaporate.

Your boss, preacher and elected politicians are probably scrambling in a panic.  You may be also.  For generations decisions on how to allocate capital, what businesses to fund, what goods to buy or sell, etc. have been made based on a fundamentally flawed premise.

Consequences are happening that cannot be averted.  Most finance professionals and elected officials are infected with the financial insanity virus.  When an apple falls they sincerely expect it to go up and are frustrated when it hits the ground.

Some politicians are even attempting to repeal the economic laws of gravity.  Economic reality is more than a brick wall.  Economic law is like the force of gravity itself; unseen except for its influence on every action.  Economic forces pay no attention to charismatic leaders or their throngs of rabid followers.  Attempts to repeal economic law are futile.  Politicians are being humbled before the market.

You may have a feeling of nervousness or butterflies.  The first hardest thing to do is make money.  The second hardest thing to do is keep it.  Lately, many people have watched tremendous amounts of their purchasing power evaporate.  What can be done to protect, preserve and grow one's wealth?

You may suddenly realize that it has always been the understanding of and adherence to basic economic law that separates the wise from the clueless...

Do Not Fight Economic Law...

Chances are, your story may sound like this one.  Do you understand what basic economic laws are operating?  Are you prepared to act in accordance with instead of opposition against those laws?

I know what it's like to not understand certain topics.  For example, Chemistry and anything with blood are not my favorite activities.  Instead, I found accounting, law and economics extremely interesting and fun.  Every individual intuitively knows that economics is important but many view it as a "necessary evil."

Economics is an hotly contested discipline and ripe for conflicts of interest.  Many just throw their arms up in disgust... especially those who need the understanding most, beginners.

The reason why most individuals have such trouble
with economics is that correct economics is rare!

Most economists are employed by large government funded institutions.  Still others work for large banks.  There is a status quo and they are not to disrupt it.

Let's face it:  Most economists are court economists.

The stone-cold truth is... it is in the financial best interest of most finance professionals, economists and other academics for you to remain clueless to basic economic law.  There is a strong conflict of interest between you and them.  If you want to retain your wealth instead of paying fees or losing it in the markets, then you have to take charge of your own education.

Here is a great example of the lies and propaganda from the 'experts' intended to confound, confuse, deflect and misdirect their audience from the key issues.  On February, 3 2009 Yahoo! Finance in conjunction with CNNMoney had an article titled Your Questions Answered:

"Question:  'I am confused about *how* the government is bailing us out of debt.  Where does the stimulus money come from?  Is the government just printing more?" - Kimberly Wand, New York City

Answer:  No.  The presses are not running overtime.  A spokeswoman from the Bureau of Printing and Engraving said the agency's print order has not increased.  In any case, that's not how the government injects money into the economy."

The Adjusted Monetary Base is comprised only of currency (banknotes and coins) and commercial banks' reserves with the central bank.  As such, it is an extremely narrow definition of currency consisting of only the most liquid forms of currency.  Why did the answer not even mention the dramatic increase in the Adjusted Money Base?  Because the intent behind the propaganda article was most likely to confound, confuse, deflect and misdirect so that your wealth will continue to be confiscated and transfered.

The entire article had more cow patties than a pasture.  Worse yet, as The Onion satirizes, some powerful voices in the press present multiple vociferously argued viewpoints undergirded by a single fundamentally insane premise.

So how do you understand and make the laws of economics your friend?

"And to kick it all off our very own monetary scientist cause the savants they've got the real deal here on the Charlie that we know.  Laying it down and of course he has been right all along."
Adam Curry
The Daily Source Code
23 Sep 2008 #792 @ 5:36

I will tell you but, first let me share with you a quick story...

Hi, my name is Trace Mayer, J.D.  When I was five years old I wanted a bicycle and I asked my father for it.  He replied, "How are you going to buy it?"  I collected cans and sold Otterpops to the construction workers until I purchased my first bicycle.

From that time on I had a passion for entrepreneurship.  When I wanted something I would figure out how to earn the money and buy it.  But being frugal eventually I found I had excess earnings and needed to figure out what to do with them.  Like you I got frustrated with and attempted to increase my investing results.  Through study, trial and error I began discerning economic laws that helped me to increase my investment returns.

With a passion for entrepreneurship and investing I would often discuss economics with various family, friends and acquaintances.  Eventually at their request I started a website to share my expertise.

With the current predictable consequences in the financial markets I have been extremely agitated at watching the life savings of many family and friends evaporate.  So much of this financial pain could and can be avoided with only a little education on basic economic laws.  Therefore, I resolved to write this book to meet this need in the market and hopefully all who read it will be better informed citizens who can exert their influence to stop throwing the wealth of society into a giant black hole.


From 2-3 Visitors Per Day To Thousands...

"A very good, simple and clear representation of the problem lacking a practical solution."
Jim Sinclair
World's Premier Gold Expert
19 March 2009
"I want to say one thing.  These guys are pretty serious players in our industry.  We provide links from this website to their websites.  Take a look at what Trace Mayer has to say at his website."

Al Korelin
Korelin Economics Report
21 June 2008

I started my website as a hobby and labor of love.  I immensely enjoy it and get a real kick out of speaking at various investment conferences.  I am still surprised that so many people read what I have to say.  I am sure not everyone agrees with everything I say.  I doubt I even do as I read some of my earlier work.  Like you, I am constantly evolving and advancing in my understanding.

I started reading public financial statements by various companies.  I finished all of Warren Buffett's Letters to Shareholders.  Then I moved into reading the teachings of top economists.

However, it was not until I started writing about and publishing my ideas to the public that I began to encounter opposition to my ideas.  The fine intellects I clash with have contributed greatly to my development because I have to understand, refine and articulate my position in logical, coherent and rational written words.  Consequently, I must better understand the assertions.

It did not take long until I had created a library of writings on monetary, economic and geo-political topics.  The readers of my website often complimented me on the quality of my work.

However, I began to think of the new visitor who had never been to my site.  With hundreds of pages in my archives on all different subjects how could the new visitor get an organized curriculum to understand the basic economic laws at work?  What foundation could be laid for when they read new articles?


The Great Credit Contraction eBook

Understand the basic economic laws to 
protect, preserve and grow your capital.

After a presention at an investment conference I received a lot of compliments on the content.  Summarizing the event to my thousands of readers who were not able to attend I asked a seemingly innocent question:  "I think I need to develop a foundational document of about 45-50 pages to provide a solid grounding in the principles at work.  While most of the information is available it is scattered and unorganized throughout about 100 posts which could be formidable for a new reader.  If you would find such a document valuable please leave your comments."

Here are a couple of comments I received:

"I was able to make it out to the Cambridge House Conference on Sunday and will say that your individual presentation was by far the highlight of the day ... I know I would love to be notified should you ever get around to doing something of the sort.  I agree with you on the fact that finding out about the details on topics such as debt-based currency, money creation etc. is quite the process as it involves a great deal of site-surfing and picking up snippets of information here and there." - Derrick

"Great presentation at the Cambridge House Gold Show.  You were one of the best speakers.  Could you make that Summary Report available?" - Carl

"Would love to read a foundational document if you have the time/energy/desire to create one.  Great work on this blog.  Thank you!" - Adam

"I really enjoyed your presentation at the Cambridge House Investment Conference.  Thank you for staying around as long as you did for the Q&A period.  It really helped me to cement the ideas.  I thought your presentation was definitely the highlight of the conference.  The foundational document you speak of would be extremely useful and would be much appreciated.  Thank you." - James

Well, that was enough market research for me so I began working on The Great Credit Contraction.

Monetary science and theory are not extremely difficult topics.  Basic economic laws are easy to understand.  Most confusion is the result of an unorganized approach to the subjects and lack of clarity with definitions.

When most individuals begin studying economics they are bombarded with incongruent ideas that confound, confuse, deflect and misdirect their attention resulting in befuddlement and it only sets them up for failure... financial injury... or both.

I have organized and written The Great Credit Contraction with three principles in mind:

Correct Monetary Science With An Introduction To Basic Economic Law

Consistent Definitions and Applied Rational Assertions In A Logical Organization and Framework

Suggestions on How To Protect, Preserve and Grow One's Capital In the Current Environment

Well, Here Are 21 Topics Revealed In The Great Credit Contraction

The Difference Between Currency, Money and Money Substitutes (Chapter 1)
Why The Gold To Oil Ratio Matters When Discussing Money... (Chapter 1)
How To Use Monetary Theory To Accurately Assess Asset Values To Buy Low And Sell High (Chapter 1)
The History Of Money And How The Current Financial System Developed (Chapter 2)
The Answer To A Simple Question:
'What Is A Dollar?' (Chapter 2)
The Views Of Major World Religions On Money And Banking (Chapter 3)
Why Fractional Reserve Banking Is Inherently Unstable And Criminal (Chapter 3)
What An Inflationary Credit Expansion And Deflationary Credit Contraction Are (Chapter 4 and 5)
Why The Markets Are Behaving The Way They Are (Chapter 5)
What The Most Logical Next Behavior Is (Chapter 5)
Whether Hyperinflation Is A Legitimate Threat And How To Anticipate It (Chapter 5)
If Hyperinflation Ensues How It Will Likely Happen (Chapter 5)
The True Size And Scope Of The Great Credit Contraction That Is Never Discussed By The Talking Heads, Court Economists or Politicians (Chapter 5)
How To Protect Yourself, Your Family And Your Assets Along With Potential Pitfalls (Chapter 6)
A General Roadmap For The Performance Of The DOW And Real Estate (Chapter 6)
Discussion On And Recommendations For Improving Your Financial And Personal Privacy (Appendix)

Whether The ETFs GLD And SLV Are Safe (Appendix)

The Problem With Treasuries (Appendix)
A Rational Discussion Of Confiscation (Appendix)
Backwardation For The Beginner Along With Over 100 Footnotes And Citations For Further Study On Subjects You Find Interesting or Useful (Appendix)
... and Much More!

How Much Could You Spend To Get Education Like This?

You could spend hours reading, surfing, sifting and sorting through books, websites and textbooks.  You could spend hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars on a formal education or investment newsletters. You could waste even more time testing fundamentally flawed premises through trial and error while your financial holdings evaporate.

Even if you do find good sources where you can find a lot of this education for free — like my other website for example — it will still not be presented in a logical, organized and coherent manner to provide a solid foundation for your understanding of monetary science and basic economic laws.  How much is your time worth?  What is the opportunity cost of not just your time but the potential damage to your portfolio?

Thrilled By How Much He Has Learned So Far

"Great site and articles!  I'm writing to you begging for help with an issue that could be useful to many of your readers.  Over the past few weeks I have been trying to convince ... Your recent article makes my point (better than I ever could!)."

William Ward
Biby Associates


You will be armed with education on monetary science and basic economic laws.  If you need to convince others in regards to capital allocation, such as a spouse, parent, business partner, etc. then you will be prepared.  Education is the key to opportunity.

You Could Deal With All of These Frustrations Like Many People Do... or You Can Save Time And Money By Grabbing The Great Credit Contraction Instead!

You do not have to complete graduate school in economics to get an understanding in basic economic laws.  In fact, if you do go to graduate school in economics you will probably be in worse shape as you will have been taught by a 'court economist'.  Because I have done the research for you and organized the material in succinct, logical and an organized way it will save you plenty of money and more importantly lots of time.

You do not have to worry about spending your next car payment for investment newsletters... because I made The Great Credit Contraction affordable for everyone.

In fact, for a limited time, you can grab your own copy of The Great Credit Contraction for the one-time investment of $37.

This small investment in your monetary, economic and financial education could give you the vital knowledge to literally protect you from the tremendous threats that are disintegrating the world economy, evaporating individual financial holdings and the ability to discern the portent of additional threats on the horizon!

In fact, I believe in efficacy of The Great Credit Contraction so much that I am willing to take all of the risk off of your shoulders and put it squarely on mine. Here is what I mean...

I am so confident that you will love "The Great Credit Contraction"
that I am going to make you an irresistible offer...

150% No B.S. Guarantee

This information-packed ebook The Great Credit Contraction contains essential monetary theory and basic economic laws that I use for helping countless struggling investors experience major breakthroughs. I am talking about the type of information that is normally only gained from years of study, trial and error.

Simply stated, I know "The Great Credit Contraction" will be useful to any individual.  That is why I am not afraid to offer you a 90 day, 150% unconditional, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

I do not take anyone's time and attention for granted.  The reason I offer a 150% Guarantee is because I understand the frustration of bad products and the hassle and time involved when attempting to return them.  For that inconvenience I am willing to compensate you.

Nevertheless, I do not want to incentivize people returning The Great Credit Contraction.  Therefore, returns are subject to one per person and a form must be (1) filled out, (2) notarized and (3) delivered.

Take up to one full year to read and study the information.  If you do not feel The Great Credit Contraction was worth every penny, simply complete the form, get it notarized, have it deliverd and I will promptly refund your money.

Fair enough?

"Trace, Why Would You Offer Something Like This eBook For So Little?"

You may be wondering why I would be willing to offer The Great Credit Contraction for a mere fraction of what I could charge. The reason is simple.

I absolutely hate to see other people being stolen from by their banks and politicians.  People, some of my friends and family, have worked their entire lives only to see large percentages of their savings evaporate.  This angers me; particularly when many of the mistakes that many of them are making are so easy to correct with an understanding of monetary science and basic economic laws.

When individuals are better educated regarding monetary science and basic economic laws then they will make better decisions and demand higher standards from their politicians by exerting more political pain. 

Let's face it: I doubt I can change the world... but if I can help a few people change their lives for the better by educating them on monetary science and basic economic laws, then I will have made a positive difference.

That is why I decided to launch my website and The Great Credit Contraction; to give individuals a push in the right direction — so they can reach new levels of financial success — and save time, money and expensive mistakes in the process.

Six Powerful Reasons Why You Will Be Delighted
With Your Copy of The Great Credit Contraction...

1. Acquire an education in monetary science and basic economic laws in less time...

2. Become a better capital allocator quickly...

3. Understand the economic environment and be able to perceive threats to and options for protecting and preserving your wealth...

4. Learn how to accurately perform mental calculations of value...

5. Be able to accurately assess the economic environment for financial opportunities so that you will have a higher probability of success instead of being clueless like countless others who will probably fail...

6. Learn sources for further education from useful and accurate experts...

Are You Ready To Make A Change In Your Economic Understanding?

If you are ready to get started on your journey to understanding monetary science and basic economic laws by ridding yourself of fundamentally flawed premises from poor education then grab your copy of The Great Credit Contraction.

Start seeing financial matters as they really are and be able to make more accurate mental calculations of value.

For the low price of $37— about the cost of a romantic dinner for two — you will get an education in monetary science and basic economic laws.  That education, a key to opportunity, will hopefully help you to afford more dinners!

Isn’t your personal happiness and increased health worth it?

You do not have to suffer through stress from uncertainty that comes from ignorance.

Simply educating yourself with correct monetary science and basic economic laws will give you an understanding that will help calm your worries and you will be able to take productive steps.

Start with The Great Credit Contraction and say “YES” to understanding monetary science and basic economic laws which will help you better understand the economic environment.

And before I forget... I also wanted to remind you that this is a 100% risk free offer.

Simply grab your own copy of "The Great Credit Contraction"... take up to one full year to study and apply the basic economic laws. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply complete the form, notarize and mail it in accordance with the 150% guarantee for a fast and hassle-free refund.

Do not wait... Grab Your Copy of
"The Great Credit Contraction" Now!

Yes Trace! I Want To Understand Basic Economic Law To Protect, Preserve And Grow My Capital By Purchasing And Reading My Own Copy of "The Great Credit Contraction"!

I will tap into your years of personal and professional experience. I will get access to your extensive expertise in monetary science and economics that you use!

I understand I will have 90 days to review "The Great Credit Contraction" and that it is subject to copyright restrictions mentioned in the product. If I am not 100% delighted then I understand I can contact Premier Ark LLC for a prompt 150% refund according to the terms.

Grab Your Own Copy of "The Great Credit Contraction" For Just $37!

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To Your Financial Success,

Trace Mayer, J.D.
Monetary Scientist
Premier Ark LLC

P.S. One of the biggest mistakes that beginner and intermediate investors make is in choosing the wrong instrument to perform mental calculations of value.  Using a reliable instrument will allow you to cut through the illusions and measure value accurately.  This technique is revealed and demonstrated in The Great Credit Contraction.

P.P.S. You can spend hundreds of dollars each month for financial newsletters, one-on-one consulting or other financial services... and hope you get a lucky pick. Or you can grab The Great Credit Contraction created by an expert monetary scientist and have the tools to make better financial decisions.  The financial markets are in a very precarious position and the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.  Do not wait... grab your copy today!

P.P.P.S. Right now you are sitting at the crossroads. You can ignore this letter and pretend you understand economic law or have hired someone who does.  Due to the condition of the global financial markets, six months from now you will probably be in worse financial condition and still not understand the basic economic laws at work.

Or you can make the choice today to take charge of your economic education. You will choose the path from cluelessness to the wise.  There is also a strong guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Why not get started now?

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